Monday, August 22, 2011

new beginnings

the beginning of a new semester. a new chance to learn, start new projects and make yet another attempt at my blog. the next few months are crazy. i have so many projects to do and not as much time as i would like. keeping up and getting everything done by their deadlines will be easier said than done. im sure i will make a more detailed post on my upcoming projects soon (once i have a better idea about what they are)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ok, lets try this again

Ok folks, i know i have been away for a while. life happens. Here is attempt number 2. I hope to have new posts and updates at least weekly if not more often. Oooh, and lots more pictures too. (pending the use of a camera)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

maternity corset adds and plates

Though these adds are from different eras many of the selling points remain the same. comfort and support while maintaining a desirable shape.
 (unknown source)
 1905 advertisement  (unknown source)
 (unknown source)
 fashion plate (wikimedia commons)
fashion plate (unknown source)

victorian maternity corsets

so, i apologize for the amount of time since my last post. apparently it takes longer to source photos than i thought.
many of my friends are currently pregnant and i have found myself assisting with lots of research on period maternity options. one of the items that has caught my attention is victorian maternity corsets.
 maternity corset (unknown source)
 1900 side lacing maternity corset (from the Victoria and Albert museum)

 cup detail of maternity and nursing corset (from Kelvingrove museum)
maternity and nursing corset (from Kelvingrove museum)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

photo test 123... (this photo was taken from the epicwin site many years ago)

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: Historical Costuming vs. Historical Re-Enactment: ...

A friend of mine recently posted this to her blog and i thought this topic might be a good place to start. I am both a historical costumer AND a historical re-enactor. Every time i begin a project i decide how important historical accuracy is to me for that individual garment. There are many times i will purposefully change things or do something odd or different. This is because i have my roots in theatrical costume. For example many of my "fashion" pieces have 1/2" seam allowances. No, this is not to industry standards but i find it makes it easier for my to fit the garment to different models. With each project i show you, i will talk about my decisions on historical accuracy. If i am wrong, then i am wrong, but different isn't always wrong or bad.

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: Historical Costuming vs. Historical Re-Enactment: ...: "A re-enactor would never be caught dead in modern sunglasses and inaccurate mary jane shoes I'll be honest with you guys. This morni..."

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the outlet for my obsession; historical costume and fashion.  Here you will be able to follow me as i continue to learn and develop my skills as both a seamstress, a historian and as a blogger. This is my first blog so i ask that you bear with me as i go through the learning curve. Here you will see my inspirations, progress of my work (both the good and the bad), my struggles my breakdowns, the laughing and the tears, absolutely everything from the inside out. Every artist is their own worst critic and i find that i am the same way. Constructive criticism is appreciated all i ask is that you be kind. Remember i am learning and will continue to learn.